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Sindhi Cultural Dresses

Sindhi culture is one of the oldest cultures that has existed in South Asia and continues to flourish to this day. There are many websites and blogs on the internet but only a few include a depository on the vast Sindhi culture. Keeping this in mind, we decided to write this article to show the world a glimpse of our beloved culture.


Sindh is one of 4 provinces of Pakistan located in the southeastern part of the country. Most people in the province speak the Sindhi language which is one of the ancient languages spoken in Pakistan.  The language is written using the Arabic script. The majority of the people of Sindh belong to an agrarian lifestyle. The fertile Indus Plains provide a valuable source of income for the local people who earn their livelihood by farming. Fishing is also a very popular source of income along the Indus River. Sindhi society is abounded by great Sufis, the martyrs, and the mystics. Sindh has always been the land of peace, love, romance, and great cultural and artistic values.

Sindhi Dresses

From Karachi to Kashmore, Sindh comprises of a variety of dressing fashion and lifestyle. Some of the modern Sindhi dresses in the trend are:


One of the most popular handwork in Sindhi dresses is Applique work. It involves hand or machine stitching of one fabric onto another to give it a pleasant look. Although applique work was originally used to sew Sindhi Rilli (Bedsheets/Quilts), this work is also widely used on women’s dresses.

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Hurmich is another prevalent traditional clothing fashion in Sindhi culture. In hurmich work, by the use of needlework, multicolor threads are woven onto another fabric making different patterns and shapes.


Mirror work is spread throughout Asia and is also a part of Sindhi women’s traditional clothing. It gives an artistic look to a fabric when small pieces of mirrors are embroidered to it.

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